Dear Mr/Ms Bloopner,

It’s a little hard to celebrate the Russians since they started the war on the wrong side.

Also, while you are giving the Canadians credit for liberating Holland, don’t forget the U.S. 82nd Airborne and the battle at the Netherlands’ Nijmegen Bridge, an event celebrated to this day on the structure itself, an event my father participated in.

Also, as far as “dithering” about what to do about Pearl Harbour, if you call 24 hours dithering, then, ok. But FDR declared war on Dec. 8, one day after the attack.

Frankly, my water does not come from Canada. And neither does my power. Don’t know what you are talking about.

Sorry about your father and your uncle, but during that time, the U.S., as a result of a deal FDR made with Churchill, was arming the UK, enabling it to survive until the U.S. entered the war, an eventuality that FDR new would occur.

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